Are you a hoarder? Is your attic full of junk that you never look at?
Don't worry! With Jumemba you can make digital copies of all your keepsakes and store everything online instead!

The Jumemba Online Memory Archive™ stores all your keepsakes so you don't have to!

Declutter Your Life with

A lifetime of memories - anytime, anywhere!

Recent research has shown that people have exactly the same emotional response to a picture of a keepsake or memento as they do to the original item itself.

This means there's no longer any point in having dozens of boxes full of old memorabilia hidden away up in your loft. Especially if you never even look at them!

With Jumemba you can archive and catalogue all of your old keepsakes in digital form and then chuck all the original items in a skip, safe in the knowledge that you can evoke the exact same memories and feelings by visiting your very own Jumemba Online Memory Archive™. Better still, you don't need to go anywhere near your attic - you can access your Memory Archive anytime, anywhere!

Look! Items like these are already being stored on Jumemba!

Declutter Your Life with JUMEMBA.comDeclutter Your Life with JUMEMBA.comDeclutter Your Life with

Your Questions Answered

But won't all my old junk be worth something someday?

No it won't. Even if it was all in mint condition (which is unlikely), by the time you factor in your own valuable time dusting it all off, sticking it up on eBay (at least twice - the first time you'll put a ludicrous reserve on it!) PLUS the additional cost of bubble-wrap - in most cases, you'll be making a loss.

So instead uploading your photo to eBay, why not upload to Jumemba instead, and then simply stick the original item in a skip!

But what about sentimental value?

Remember, you're only storing an image of your treasured memento at the Jumemba Online Memory Archive™. In the end it's up to you whether you chuck the original in a skip or not.

Either way, you retain full control of your own sentiments!

How do I get started?

Unfortunately you can't.

Jumemba is still in its infancy and is undergoing a rigorous testing phase right now. Stay tuned for 'going live' announcements soon!

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    Item thumbnail images link to the original highest possible resolution version available. Be aware - some of these images may take a while to appear in your browser.
  • what’s a ‘Jumemba’?

    Every item you store in your archive can be added to at any time - just click on the item, select 'Jumemba This?' and you'll be able to add additional memories to that item.
  • environmental policy

    Please consider recycling as an alternative to chucking everything in a skip. And charity shops and that.
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